Company Profile

In recognition of our business excellence and positive accreditation over the years, Multicon Construction Pte Ltd was awarded the Singapore Enterprise Medal of Honour (2017). We are proud to be one of Singapore’s Top 100 Trusted SMEs and will continue providing our clients with impeccable and quality service.

Multicon is a specialised provider of multidisciplinary construction services with experience delivering both residential and commercial projects of unrivalled quality. With a wealth of industry knowledge and diverse expertise, our stellar team is adept at helping even the most discerning clients achieve their creative vision through innovative solutions.

As every build is different, we place utmost emphasis to fully understand our clients’ unique needs, budget and timeframe. Meticulous attention is given to all phases of the construction to ensure a smooth and seamless process while adhering to rigorous business professionalism.

Here at Multicon, we leave no room for complacency. We never stop flexing mind and muscle to inject dynamism into every detail, sharpen our skills, and building strategic partnerships. So whether you are planning to renovate your existing structure, or build your dream home from ground up, Multicon considers it a great privilege to help you translate your concept into reality.


We create long-term value for our clients by understanding their unique vision and exceeding expectations. With an eye locked on the future and our core values forming the pillars of our construction services, we are committed to delivering nothing less than perfection.



We build long-lasting, trusted relationships and with all our clients by conducting all projects with unyielding integrity, transparency and confidence.


Linear solutions aren’t going to cut it. We embrace and overcome challenges through sophisticated technology and innovative solutions to help our clients achieve their creative vision.


We believe in readying for the future, so every project we deliver is built to withstand the test of time in every aspect.

Impeccable Quality

What sets us apart from the competition is our exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. We adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards of practice while setting ambitious targets to exceed our client expectations.

A solid build lies upon a good foundation. At Multicon, these four core values are the bedrock of everything we do.


Multicon Construction Pte Ltd is a proud recipient of Singapore Enterprise Medal of Honour (2017), a prestigious award presented to the top 100 trusted SMEs in Singapore. We will continue to uphold our business excellence, positive accreditation and providing our clients with impeccable service.

We are registered with a Class 1 General Builder Licence, providing us the capacity to handle construction projects of any value.

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