Our Services

Design and Build

Streamline and fast-track your project from conception to completion.

Understand that not every general contractor has the expertise in strong design building. Here at Multicon, our design-build process merges both design and construction services into one unified workflow, serving as a single source of contractual responsibility. By managing various parallel objectives in this highly efficient approach, our clients reap benefits such as cost savings, time savings, reduced administrative burden and improved risk management.

Space Planning, Restructuring and Consolidation

Creating future-ready workspaces for businesses of tomorrow.

Business and the way people interact with their work environment have evolved dramatically over the years. At Multicon, we understand the complexities and demands of developing a highly functional, innovative and yet flexible workspace to cater to our clients’ unique needs and business structure. We are committed to advising you on various facets of your plans, ensuring a future-ready transformation that embodies both exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Whether you are updating a couple of rooms, building an extension or planning a major overhaul, Multicon can be the vehicle for your vision.

Project Management

Helping you mind the big picture.

Whether you are an owner, architect, engineer or investor, our stellar project management team has the expertise to provide seamless integration of supervision, inspection and commissioning services for every stage of the construction process. By acting as a specialist extension of your own in-house team, we help to meet all your objectives while minimising risks, maximising investment returns and staying ahead of schedule. Through our extensive experience and proactive problem-solving solutions, we are well-positioned to bring your project to a successful completion, regardless of complexity.

Corporate / Office Relocation

Making transitions with minimal service interruption.

Relocating offices is a complex and often disruptive process that may hinder your business activities. This is why you need an expert team to facilitate a timely and seamless transition process. At Multicon, we specialise in full office relocation services, ranging from cost management, pre and post-move planning and construction. By trusting us with your relocation project, you can be sure to enjoy a stress-free process and stay focus on your business.

Property Investment & Development

Translating your plans to reality and delivering maximum returns.

Whether you are an investor seeking real estate opportunities, or land owner looking to co-develop to optimise returns, Multicon can help orchestrate your project from inception to completion. From conducting feasibility studies, financial analysis of project costings, yield projections to turnkey projects, we are capable of delivering broader business results while minimising your financial risk.